Your band of adventurers has been friends for a significant amount of time. After a rather successful bout of dungeoneering, you party it up at the local saloon. Unfortunately, after the fifth or sixth cask of ale, the simultaneous bar fights, and the exorbent property damnage accured over the evening, you are in serious debt to the rather high class establishment you have just destroyed, to the tune of 100,000gp! Turning your empty pockets inside out, you high tail it. Even the Chaotic Evil in your party knows that they have to get the bar back in business (so you can drink there again) so the quest is on. A rumour has been circulating of an incredibly wealthy family of wizards residing in an area to the west, and that the patriarch of the family had recently and quite suddenly passed away without leaving a will, and his two sons, being bitter and vicious rivals, were desperate to obtain the massive inheritance. Adventurers tell tales of being sent on assassination attempts from one of the brothers or taking it upon themselves to undertake diplomacy missions, and returning home only with cuts and bruises, IF they return. What’s a group of poor debt-ridden adventurer’s to do with wealthy wizards in desperate need of high paying assistance? Head West!

Arcane Duality